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Understanding IBM's Rational Team Concert from a Git perspective

Git is great. I came from a background of using git. I've been using IBM's Rational Team Concert (RTC) for a while now at where i work.

RTC sucks

RTC is in my opinion terrible. RTC isn't the greatest as an SCM. Overall, it doesn't really allow one to become more agile and experiment with things on an incremental basis.

Here are some of the following reasons why RTC Sucks:

  • Merging is difficult
  • It's slow. Logging in takes more than 30 seconds at times
  • It can crash. Sometimes it's unavailable or offline
  • It is UI only. It doesn't have an command line interface

What is good about RTC?

RTC is a bloated piece of software. I can see why some enterprises use it though. Its key selling features are that it integrates with their project management software. Additionally, it has lots of features that i rarely ever use.

Here are some features that it does somewhat well: - RTC at least allows for workflows for delivering code. It creates gates for people to deliver software. E.G. when a time or date for delivering software is met, one can be denied - It integrates with Eclipse - One can attach Project management artifacts to it or electronic references

How RTC Works from a Git perspective

  • A Git Commit is called Delivering in RTC
  • A Git repository is now a Stream
  • A Branch is loosely a workspace. One can create many workspaces where one can
  • Git tag is essentially a baseline in RTC; however one must accept these baselines in your code otherwise you will have merge conflicts

If you use it feel free to leave your opinions about RTC

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