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HTTP/2 and SPDY/2

This is super helpful:

Ilya Grigorik, the perf master at google, goes over perf and http 2.0. It's useful to know which CDN at the moment supports which new HTTP methods.

Also, there's a helpful update to provide the status of http/2 efforts. The spec isn't fully implemented in all browsers yet. Here are some noteworthy support milestones:

  • Chrome M39 will support HTTP/2 draft 14 version
  • Firefox 34 is shipping HTTP/2 draft 14 version
  • IE on Windows 10 Technical Preview supports HTTP/2 draft 14 version. IE, on the other hand, will support SPDY v3.
  • Safari currently supports SPDY v3 and there isn't any HTTP/2 support at this point. One probably should come soon.
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