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jQuery Responsive Data Tables Plugin

Cool. So i've published my first bower package: Responsive Data tables.:

$ bower register responsive-data-tables git://
Update available: 1.3.7 (current: 1.2.8)
Run npm update -g bower to update

bower responsive-data-tables#* resolve git://*
bower responsive-data-tables#*         checkout master
bower responsive-data-tables#*         resolved git://
bower responsive-data-tables           register git://

Package responsive-data-tables registered successfully!
All valid semver tags on git:// will be available as versions.
To publish a new version, just release a valid semver tag.

Run bower info responsive-data-tables to list the available versions.

Publishing plugins on bower was easier than i thought.

As for this particular plugin it's on github:

If you want to clone this it's here:

git clone

Otherwise you can now download it with bower:

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