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PHP RFC's: Learning the latest about PHP

I didn't know this before but found out the best way of learning the newest features of PHP (Yes ugh PHP) is to actually review the RFC's (Request for consensus).

The RFC section, found here (, provides a great amount of documentation between changes of each PHP version. It seems easier to learn about feature additions and removals on this particular wiki without having to sort through mailing lists or waiting for someone from the PHP core team to write up a decent writeup about it.

The RFC page also gives one some insight into how the new features are vetted and moved into core.

My two cents in which you can skip!

After reading some of these features, there is some pain in reading and griping about certain features. I wish their process was more open to do-acracy (doer's get a larger say; similar to some other open source projects work; like Who know's this is my initial introspection. Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong here.

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