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Nicolas Gallagher speaks about css frameworks at Twitter

Nicolas Gallagher — CSS Application Architecture (SmashingConf) from Smashing Magazine on Vimeo.

Found this video while tweeting at Nathan Smith. Found it rather interesting as he spoke about the non-use of css frameworks.

Here are some great takeaways from this video:

  • Frameworks in a large project confines people from being able to be free from making writing code the way they should. It often avoids solving the business problem at hand.
  • Instead of frameworks one should develop a system of understanding what is the write code to write.
  • CSS is bad in that there aren't namespaces; name space collisions happen. Only way to avoid that is to use naming conventions. (17:30)
  • Preference over extending base class over modifying directly
  • Nothing is perfect. Nothing lasts. Nothing is finished. Web technologies are going to change.
  • Style components according to web platform framework which is the future.
  • Conventions should be natural and not require individuals to memorize them. Team size often change and one shouldn't need to memorize these laws.

Example CSS Naming convention used:

# Utilities
# Components

# js utilties

Nicolas Gallagher uses the suit framework:

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