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Rand Fishkin: Pitfalls of Startup Team Building

Found this presentation or slideshare rather interesting. I wish i had the audio for it. Maybe i'll be able to find it eventually.

Some highlights of Rand Fishkin's Presentation

Regardless i thought i highlight some of the most important parts of his presentation, IMHO:

Slide 5

This slide provides interesting inside on Individual performance / Culture fit quandrant: Keeping or letting go of talent

Slide 10

Rand Fishkin: "Don't let your role define your influence. Let your influence define your role"

Slide 19

On GSD Units: Productivity and value

Slide 21

Build a vision based framework for individuals to build upon

Slide 25

Questions to ask regarding creating expectations for performance, culture, etc.

Five questions to ask regarding setting expectations for performance, cadence, and culture

One of the greatest things i've taken from this slideshare are these five questions he's posted in slide 25:

  1. What are expectations for performance? How do we know if and when they change? And how do I know how I'm doing?
  2. Who makes decisions on what, and how?
  3. What information will be shared about company performance, and how often?
  4. How does an idea become reality here?
  5. What are examples of cultural traits we encourage vs. discourage?


Finally, The last part of the slide presents the idea of 15five. It seems like the idea that empowers managers and employees to instantly provide status updates, similar to a standup, in written form. Seems like a brilliant idea from a theoretical standpoint. Looks like it heavily leans on this particular service.


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