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Hyperdrupal by Ryan Szrama

Ryan Szrama at Drupalcamp Atlanta and Capital Camp 2013 spoke about a concept regarding, "Hypermedia Drupal". The "hypermedia drupal" profile allows one to utilize Drupal to create, consume and aggregate loosely coupled web services. Having the ability to do so allows one the flexibility to consume web services where one was not able to before in previous drupal installations.

The presentation was informative and overall mostly an interesting high-level discussion of the future of how Drupal could become the leader in architectural foundations or middleware for buidling web applications.

My humble opinion

I feel this a great place and opportunity to position Drupal. It makes drupal more flexible, modular and provides developers with more opportunities and more abilities to build complex web applications. Additionally, this would potentially allow Drupal to slim down and reduce bloat if it's sole responsibility would be to consume services. It seems like a win for developers. I have yet to try out this particular install profile. I'll update this post when i do.

Hypermedia Presentations

Atlanta Drupal Camp 2013 - Toward HyperDrupal - Maturing REST on Drupal - Ryan Szrama

CapitalCamp 2013: Toward HyperDrupal: Maturing REST on Drupal

REST Fest 2012: Just Getting Started: How I Chose My Media Type

REST Fest 2012 \ Ryan Szrama \ FiveInFive from REST Fest on Vimeo.

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