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Learning to Develop with Salesforce and PHP - Winter '14

Finding resources and documentation for salesforce may not be difficult. A google search reveals a lot of information. A lot of which is not practical for most people. For people who learn by example, like myself, it's hard to find some more concrete uses and cases for real life cases.

Places to start

First you probably need to create a sales force developer account:

Salesforce PHP SDK

Salesforce provides a PHP Software Development Kit (SDK):

If you like creating things I would suggest trying their first walkthrough and creating a Salesforce application:

The walkthrough is actually quite helpful to understand the existing API for Salesforce.

Try using their cookbook entries

Salesforce also provides a cookbook section:

Unfortunately, it seems that there is just one PHP cookbook entry that someone has kindly provided.

From there you can either learn more about their API with their developer documentation:

Salesforce Documentation


Only some of their webinars are a bit helpful. I've listed the best ones:

Advanced Testing & Debugging Using the Developer Console

This one covers testing and debugging. A lot of which provides detail about Apex; their salesforce developed meta language. You can skip to 1:30 to skip through their introductions and the fluff:

This video covers learning Apex and provides a good introduction to Apex: Intro to Apex Code Webinar

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