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Learning Angular.js

Angular.js is a front end framework based on the work and currently being maintained by It is a JavaScript based framework with a Model View Controller structure. Wikipedia actually has a great article and most likely does a way better job explaining, from a high-level, what angular does than i would.

Why am i learning angular.js?

Decided it's probably time to learn angular. I wasn't sure which library to dive head first into but it seems recently as i'm perusing through job requirements that this library has been requested several times. Additionally, it's rather cheap to learn angular.js. There seems to be lots of free resources out there and documentation regarding this topic.

Here are some free resources currently that you can use to learn more about angular.js:


  • Angular.js Ferrari Example

Angular.js Written Documentation or Articles

Paid resources

If you're more of a must read type of guy who likes to have a resource handy i would recommend the Angular.js book:

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