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My blog will generally relate to writing and topics vary from freelancing for drupal, debugging, food, weightlifting, etc.

Some interesting new modules that i started using:

Turkey recipes:

I love food and thanksgiving is very great for that. For those in a pinch or in need of ideas i created a menu and links to their recipes:

The main difference is that PHP defines arrays in a way that makes them generalized enough to suit all the major use cases instead of having mult

There's been several articles and resources regarding the discussion of ego driven development:

The Incident pit

Just an interesting graph that a previous project manager had shown me. I couldn't recall what it was and finally found it again.

I would really like to saw what a great job commerce guys have done with their distro. The install screen looks great! This brings me to the question.

Quickly add a local settings file to your settings.php.

Searched feverishly for some documentation and useful resources for apache. it seems that it's hard to find a decent up to date guide.

Discovered that some databases will provided a "title not supported" error when you import.

I just have a list of links that i've done some research regarding iphone's new slideout/ flyout menu.

When designing websites, a huge pain of many organizations is determining a look and feel while without too much information gathering.

an example drushrc file is very helpful. I've provided below a more practical barebones example of what you need to put in a drush aliases file:

With drupal there is admittedly a lot of overhead. I've posted some of my favorite drupal 7 related gists to ease the pain.

Recently i spoke at dallas drupal days on september 8th, 2012.

This small class makes use of the service provided by Yahoo to compress images.

Listening to some critics, you'd think that the best thing for a modern software developer to do is roll their own ORM.


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