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My blog will generally relate to writing and topics vary from freelancing for drupal, debugging, food, weightlifting, etc.

In order to access localhost from the guest windows 7 box you need to adjust the network settings

Whilst at drupalcamp Kris Vanderwater gave a speech about the plugin system in drupal 8.

I collected some great resources regarding dependancy injection and Drupal 8:

Dependancy injection:

Chris Caple did a presentation on apache solr. This particular presentation is pretty helpful and walks you through the settings.

Godaddy's interface is utterly atrocious. Trying to transfer the domain can be a hassle.

Jon Rohan discusses some great things regarding performance.

An interesting bug occurred during a live demonstration (good timing).

Since PHP 5, you're able to print out all the available variables.

I have experienced this error repeatedly over the past few months and haven't bothered to correct it.

Interesting Drupal module demonstrates the ability to generate form API code via command line.

Found this interesting issue queue regarding semantic versioning.

Semantic versioning is:

Getting Sublime Text 2 to work with xdebug can be difficult to get working at times.

Had trouble with a server this morning so these tips and techniques would have helped. Found this particular article on hackernews today.

Discovered this website where it houses a collection of bad practices used in User Interface design that forces or unethically causes users to pick an outcom

The parralax effect has been seen everywhere. The ability to do such a thing is based on the :target css property

Found this website thought it'd be useful:

  • - provides css compatibility table for css3 selectors

I use a mac mouse and the scrolling is super sensitive so often i end up ctrl zooming too often accidently.

Internet explorer has released virtual box images for internet explorer versions 7, 8, 9, and 10:

With drupal 8 you're now able to easily see what variables are available to you:

Drupal 8 provides front end developers the ability to utilize a new class:

Never knew about this RFC style but it's being discussed as CSS standards for drupal are becoming a reality.

Have a list of interesting contrib field modules that have interesting uses for many cases:


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