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My blog will generally relate to writing and topics vary from freelancing for drupal, debugging, food, weightlifting, etc.

Inspired by Nathan Smith, I challenged myself to learn to use serve for rapid prototyping.

Responsivenav.js is a lightweight library that provides responsive navigation (simple name):

There was an interesting story on BEM on smashing magazines.

Just wanted to share with you all my Sublime Text 2 Configuration file. It incorporates the Drupal coding standards as well:

It was recently written that there are several benefits over EFQ, entityfieldquery over other methods:

Normally you can utilize modernizr's loading library, yepnope via script via this invocation:

In terms of improving performance for a LAMP stack, there are two types of general categories of techniques.

  • The Symfony community is very friendly and helpful
  • Conference wifi is not so great in Portland

With twig in core it now allows for the ability for api refinement before code freeze.

I couldn't get my atheros card working so i went and spent 40 bucks on a

Don't buy the Netgear n600 / WNDA3100 usb wifi adapter. It doesn't work natively in Ubuntu 13.04. It doesn't work with any linux drivers at all.

Sometimes if you're not able to get native windows drivers to work with hardware.

Bought an Asus Vivobook and it came with an Atheros AR9285 wireless card. They've had lots of issues with Ubuntu. Which is really disappointing.

The answer to this is to use syndaemon. It's already installed on raring ringtail for ubuntu. Or it's commonly known as version 13.04.

Thought i'd start a list of things that i'd like to learn or discover at drupalcon:

Debugging is an art that is difficult to learn. It's one of the most important skills for a developer to obtain.

Using Godaddy on shared host, it can be very difficult to use because you have limited access to ssh commands.

Recently found a tool / gem that removes unused css. Which is great you want to use less code to style your site:

Just learned that wikipedia has an api. I know i'm a bit behind in the times. Since it utilizes mediawiki, wikipedia has a pretty extensive api.

Creating a collection of decent videos regarding nodejs and various emerging technologies. A lot of the youtube videos do overlap in what they're teaching.

I was a bit confused by another tutorial regarding how to use livereload. It sparked my interest as to learn what guard was.

Often you're faced with configuring an aws, digitalocean or rackspace instance with little amounts of memory.

Articles on this css / sass architecture:

Found this via the sass way on twitter. This particular slidedeck is very helpful and provides a naming system for smacss and css or oocss.

Great news! The Drupal 8 branch of zurb foundation is now stable and can be used. There's still a lot of work to be done. Honestly, it looks like garbage.

If you get this output where the tag needs to be fast forwarded:

Exporting and importing content with features can have many use cases:


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