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My blog will generally relate to writing and topics vary from freelancing for drupal, debugging, food, weightlifting, etc.

I've created a github project that provides examples of Symfony2 console applications that one can run in the command line.

Discovered this link. It has every zsh one liner one would ever want:


Often you can implement an interface; but in doing so it doesn't provide the functionality that you require.

You'll get this error if you've installed yeoman with sudo. In order to get this correct you just have change the ownership.

Sometimes you are stuck with shared hosting.

Making the move to Drupal 7 requires reviewing change records.

Ran into an issue where i didn't have enough disk space today on a server.

Must watch this. Morten speaks on some awesome points regarding twig, ADD, etc.

Realize i need to record some lessons that i've learned from people i've met and some mostly things i've read or seen.

Trying to catch up with Drupal 8 cannot be easy. So i've been doing some research myself and been trying to catch on examples that i've found that'll

  • A sheet may only contain 4095 rules

To start a virtual machine you need the name of the virtual machine.

To find out, list the virtual machines

Views comes with these ugly labels, - Any - . Often for better user experience.

In drupal 7, if you have this error it's because hook_block_info() should always return an array().


Error 122 for mysql generally just means that you've ran out of disk space. Or you've met your disk space quota that has been set.

A good lesson learned on Friday (sure this is common sense) when doing drupal core / contrib updates: reduce the size of your commits.

Interesting slider markup that i discovered on


Note to self:

If you have sublime text 2 aliased so that you can open files via: "sublime". like so:

The newest version of Skype has been giving me headaches. I can't connect.

There's a new breadcrumb module that has been released for drupal 7. I thought i would go ahead and evalutate it. Looks like it's a nice module.

Watching a great video on working remotely as a skill by Mike Hostetler:

Was watching this video on maintainable javascript by Nicholas Zakas:

Inspired by Nathan Smith, I challenged myself to learn to use serve for rapid prototyping.


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