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My blog will generally relate to writing and topics vary from freelancing for drupal, debugging, food, weightlifting, etc.

A stream is essentially like a branch (See video below at 7:51). A stream is where you share code and deliver your changes in a stream.

This is interesting. I just found this on hackernews.

Entity field query (EFQ) is prepackaged and has been used in cor

Happy early thanksgiving to you all. It's been a good and bad year for me.

Using FQL or open graph one can query and get a JSON output of members found within a particular facebook group.

I didn't know this before but found out the best way of learning the newest features of PHP (Yes ugh PHP) is to actually review the RFC's (Request for consen

Dan Ariely discusses the psycology of what meaningful work means and it's effect on our motivations: He discusses sisphus effect, it's effect on productivity

Had some interesting points in his recent article titled, "Beyond Object

Internet explorer doesn't have a console and thus it'll go nuts if you fire off commands like so:

I've found some decent resources for free computer science courses:

Found this presentation or slideshare rather interesting. I wish i had the audio for it. Maybe i'll be able to find it eventually.

Huge fan of, the sometimes controversial former-junkie-turned-tv-personality-slash-writer, Anthony Bourdain.

Finding resources and documentation for salesforce may not be difficult. A google search reveals a lot of information.

I've found several great resources to review and figure out how to create a custom module:

With Drupal 8, the menu system has changed substantially.

A collection of great C# resources:

Silex is a micro framework built with symfony. It's definately peaked my interest because of it's simplicity.

Been hearing the term, 'service container' often. Finally found a good and simple definition in the symfony2 book:

I wanted to know what properties a package.json file accepts.

Here's a good example of an extended package.json file:

Grunt.js is essentially a javascript port of java's build system, ant or maven. More closely related to ant.

Learning more about the ESPN API. Trying to write a console application that uses the API.

Angular.js is a front end framework based on the work and currently being maintained by


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