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My blog will generally relate to writing and topics vary from freelancing for drupal, debugging, food, weightlifting, etc.

template named application already exists

Read a great article( on Facebook's SDLC and their processes.

Git is great. I came from a background of using git. I've been using IBM's Rational Team Concert (RTC) for a while now at where i work.

Changes are coming way for Angular 2.0.

For a project i'm doing at work. I'm utilizing a REST API to integrate with salesforce chatter and angularjs.

So it's been a couple months from just learning ember.js: took a workshop, tinkering with a semi-built application, etc.


I'm compiling a list regarding the evils of JavaScript's antiquated eval() function:

This is super helpful:

Prototypical Inheritance, means that an object inherits means it inherits directly from the object.

What is CORS?

CORS stands for Cross Origin Resource Sharing.

Got this error after running grunt. The error would just go on and on and then it would eventually stop and would stop the process.

As per Angular 1.4, there are several valid values for the restrict key in angular.

Most Costly Parts of Browser Paints

As discussed at JSConf 2014, Paul Irish discusses the anatomy and breaks down the causes of browser paints.

This error happens often when running npm:

Run this:

$ npm install my-package


With the advent of Bower >=v1.3.1 it includes hooks.

Cool. So i've published my first bower package: Responsive Data tables.:

Having issues structuring a full stack node.js application.

Found a couple helpful resources on this topic.

In order to install grunt / gulp on windows, one must install nodejs.

I had issues with this particular error regarding grunt-contrib-watch on Ubuntu 13.04:

I've arrived in Las Vegas for Future Insights 2014. I had the pleasure of enjoying a workshop held by Jesse Cravens.

What is new in Javascript ES6? There are lots of new and exciting features that will allow JavaScript really mature as a language. I've outline some.

Apparently there is a business case for limiting your lines to 80 characters per line.

Here are some solutions i've reviewed:

Recently, i've been working on a project that needed a fix for this particular bug.

A nod to Harry Roberts

In the command prompt run the following in the command prompt:

wmic os get osarchitecture


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